Thursday, January 04, 2007

Obligatory Cabinet Shuffle Post

1. Well, at least Harper's signalled his willingness to work across party lines on the environment issue.
2. He must really have something against Diane Ablonczy.
3. Jason Kenney? Geez.

UPDATE: And now Marjory LeBreton, an unelected politician, is taking on the cabinet-level role of Secretary of State for Seniors. I'm sure we'll hear outrage from the predictable sources shortly. Actually, I'm not at all sure, because I don't think said sources pay enough attention to Canadian politics to have noticed this.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Well, okay, a Secretary of State isn't a full cabinet-level position. But (1) it's still bound by cabinet solidarity, (2) it attends cabinet meetings where issues relevant to its portfolio are being discussed, and (3) I'm not so much making a point as I am ridiculing stupid people. Accordingly, I see no reason to backtrack on any of this.


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