Friday, March 11, 2005

Should have talked down to the voters more

Do you know what the best part was? The best part was when Mustafa won.

Aw, fuck.

I'm hungover. And I don't think it's from alcohol.

Today's classic.


Friday, March 04, 2005

My traffic's gone up sharply. . .

I know what you vultures are here for. And you're not getting it.

Today's classic post: Thank you for the items that you sent me; the monkey and the plywood violin (I still think this is funny).


Thursday, March 03, 2005


1. Read the assigned text.

2. Answer the following discussion questions:

a) How come the President of the University of Alberta never makes comments anywhere near as forthright on any matter of public policy - including post-secondary education?

b) How, exactly, did this guy function as political master of the Canadian diplomatic corps?

c) Where are his ilk in the Canadian government today? I mean, Pierre Pettigrew's okay, as far as Liberal ministers go, but I'm just not all that enthusiastic. Bill Graham looked good, but then he entered cabinet. I liked David Anderson (my fisherfolk relatives didn't approve of this affection, mind you), but Martin turfed him. The only current minister I can think of who merits anywhere near Axworthian levels of admiration is Stephane Dion.

On another note, since this month is my blog's first birthmonth, I'll be concluding every post with a link to a classic post of the past. Today, My First Post.


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